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Where to find 'official' multilibs rpm howto/introduction? and elf32/elf64?


 Here is a newbie to redhat/fedora multilibs packages,
and ideas of elf32/elf64. 

 Originally we only run 32bit RHEL/FC, so multilib
support is not a problem for us, but now we have AMD
64bit CPUs and Intel EM64T CPUs, we have to run both
32bit and 64bit Fedora Cores.

 on 64bit FC4/FC5 we installed 32bit compatibility for
legacy programs to run. From that time on headaches
appear -- automatical rpm/yum upgrade breaks from time
to time, the most often encountered problems are:

 1, some times a .x86_64 package can upgrade a same
name .i386 package without problems, sometimes the
operation fails.

 2, when we upgrade a aaa.x86_64 lib package, other
.i386 packages depending on the same aaa.i386 lib
package will complain and automatic upgrade fails.
then we have to upgrade aaa.i386 lib package as well.

 3, when upgrade one .i386 package to a same name
.x86_64 package, other .i386 packages depending on the
original .i386 package will complain and upgrade
fails. we have to create a no-files-contained empty
.x86_64 package to upgrade all related .i386 pacakges
to .x86_64 version.

 It looks like that 64bit FC4 can not diffrentiate
packages ending with .i386 or .x86_64. when the
upgrade fails, the error messages are normally like
the following:

valgrind = 1:2.4.0 is needed by (installed)

I assume it should differentiate between
"valgrind.i386=1:2.4.0" and "valgrind.x86_64=1:2.4.0"
but it does not. I think that is most probably my
inaccurate understanding of multilibs, but I can not
find detailed info on multilib rpm and elf32/elf64. 

Please help. Thanks a lot.


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