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Re: Where to find 'official' multilibs rpm howto/introduction? and elf32/elf64?

On Aug 3, 2006, at 5:21 AM, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Le jeudi 03 août 2006 à 00:46 -0700, Robinson Tiemuqinke a écrit :

 It looks like that 64bit FC4 can not diffrentiate
packages ending with .i386 or .x86_64. when the
upgrade fails, the error messages are normally like
the following:

valgrind = 1:2.4.0 is needed by (installed)

rpm and yum differentiate perfectly between x86_64 and i386, you're
confused by the fact they do not display arch by default to the user
even if they use it internally.

Not true, except in the utterly trivial sense that packages contain an arch identifier.

Meanwhile, rpm uses elf32/elf64 color, not arch, to determine how dependencies are resolved.

Manually generated dependencies added to a spec file do not differentiate "perfectly" by any known exaggeration in the English language that I'm aware of. In fact, there is no way to specify a color of a manually generated dependency manually, nor is the
functionality needed.

Choose an arch, use packages for that arch wherever possible, is still what works best.

73 de Jeff

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