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Re: adding a macrofile to macrofiles list

* Jeff Johnson wrote:
>  On Aug 8, 2006, at 11:18 AM, Lars Wilke wrote:
> > i am trying to *add* another macrofile to the list of sourced
> > macrofiles. But i cannot find a way to do so. The --macros
> > option to rpmbuild and rpm say that this file list is used
> > instead of the original list. So i ask is there a simple
>  Actually what you need to do is generate a 2 line rcfile, and put
>  macrofiles within.
>  So the rcfile you want is
>  	include: /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc
>  	macrofiles: whatever you want here
>  and invoke as
>  	rpmbuild --rcfile myrpmrc

Unfortunately this does not work with rpm and rpmbuild version 4.3.2
The macrofiles entry is overwritten with the new macrofiles settings :(
Therefor i lose the default macros like _bindir etc.

I have to build on a fedora 3 box atm, but will try use a chroot
to build my rpms with the new version of rpm you suggested.



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