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Perl RPM

I attempting to build our own Perl RPM, for a Red Hat ES3 box, we seem to have run into some interesting dependencies.  With the Carp::Heavy module it seems like we could remove that dependency by saying the package provides it since it is distributed with Perl itself.  The other modules are not, so I am curious as to how other people have address the dependency checking built into RPM.  Are there any special directives that are supposed to be used in the spec file when building an RPM for the interpreter itself?


error: Failed dependencies:

        perl(Carp::Heavy) is needed by hperl-5.8.8-1

        perl(Mac::BuildTools) is needed by hperl-5.8.8-1

        perl(Mac::InternetConfig) is needed by hperl-5.8.8-1

        perl(Tk::Pod) is needed by hperl-5.8.8-1



Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.





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