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Re: Perl RPM

On Wed, Aug 09, 2006 at 12:58:13PM -0500, Preston Wade wrote:

> I attempting to build our own Perl RPM, for a Red Hat ES3 box, we seem
> to have run into some interesting dependencies.  With the Carp::Heavy
> module it seems like we could remove that dependency by saying the
> package provides it since it is distributed with Perl itself.  The other
> modules are not, so I am curious as to how other people have address the
> dependency checking built into RPM.  Are there any special directives
> that are supposed to be used in the spec file when building an RPM for
> the interpreter itself? 
> error: Failed dependencies:
>         perl(Carp::Heavy) is needed by hperl-5.8.8-1
>         perl(Mac::BuildTools) is needed by hperl-5.8.8-1
>         perl(Mac::InternetConfig) is needed by hperl-5.8.8-1
>         perl(Tk::Pod) is needed by hperl-5.8.8-1

Wrong list (this belongs to the taroon-list I think), but:

The standard RHEL3 perl package provides "perl(Carp::Heavy)", so why
does your perl package not provide it?

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