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Re: rpm verification fails with .......C

On Aug 22, 2006, at 1:45 PM, Christian Goetze wrote:

Davide Bolcioni wrote:

Christian Goetze wrote:

what does that mean? I'm assuming it has some relationship with the xistence of a %verifyscript, but would like to know how to controll that...

This is SELinux-related, see:


Anyone know if this "feature" came with a keyword for disabling in the %verify() macro?

Technically its the %verify() file attribute, no matter.

Nope, no way to disable file context verifictaion from within packaging, as that would have introduced a SELinux security flaw: SELinux is a mandatory and enforcing strait jacket.

There is a (undocumented) --nocontexts option that should disable verifying the file
contexts when invoking rpm --verify though.

The Right Thing To Do is relabel files whose contexts fail to match, but that's rather tedious with
new SELinux policies flowing down the rawhide pipe every day or two.

73 de Jeff

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