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Re: Specifying dependency install order

On Aug 22, 2006, at 11:54 AM, Christian Rohrmeier SCHERING DE wrote:


I couldn't find this in Red Hat's Maximum RPM Book, so I'm asking here:

in my .Spec file, how do I control the install order of dependencies?

The reason this is necessary is that I am installing an RPM that does not specify its dependencies (who would do such a thing? Why, HP! Their Insight
Manager Agent and other HP management tools' RPMs have a long list of
dependencies that however are however not specified in the RPMs' .spec
files.) To deal with this terrible situation I can only make a meta- package that specifies the dependencies. Since the dependencies are for RPMs that also don't have their own deps specified (i.e. the HP System Management Home Page must be installed before various other HP admin tools, and before you can install the SMHP you have to install the Insight Manager Agent, and none of this is specified in the damn RPMs) I need to tell my meta- package
exactly in what order to install these other RPMs.

The only way I can think of doing it is to make a chain of meta- packages (meta-a.rpm, meta-b.rpm, meta-c.rpm) one for each one of HP's broken RPMs. This would be time-consuming, inelegant, difficult to maintain, and simply
suck rocks.

Yep, but sometimes rocks is all you have to suck, rpm orders package installs based on dependency relations. No relations == any order is permitted, its called

So, is there a way that I can do this inside of one RPM, where I list the
deps, and say which are to be installed in what order?

Nope. Well you can try invoking rpm -Uvh within %post, and rpm -evh within %preun, adding --nodeps to install contained *.rpm files, but that cure may make you wish for tastier
rocks instead.

You can also try to do what anaconda does by adding --anaconda when installing, and then insuring that the arguments given on the rpm CLI are ordered correctly.

Way easier to fix the original package, or add a meta-package by sucking rocks imho.

73 de Jeff

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