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Re: Since when is listing all the directories in an install mandatory?

On Aug 24, 2006, at 8:13 PM, Christian Goetze wrote:

Jeff Johnson wrote:

Hmmm, I have a dim memory of fixing a bug with this behavior
in the last 2 months.

The memory was dim because it was a non-linux problem that I fixed:
	- fix: default _D_EXACT_NAMLEN(d) to strlen((d)->d_name) on non-linux.

Could you report at bugzilla.redhat.com against rpm, and
include a ptr to your src.rpm?

I don't have a src rpm, I always use what comes with the distro, as is, since that is what customers will use. It does me no good to patch rpm for myself, since I have no control over what version of RPM customers use, and many customers are just too dumb to patch the stuff themselves.


I guess I have to write a workaround where %pre runs mkdir -p on all directories I will need.

Um, you shouldn't need to solve the problem in %pre, but I can't really tell what you
are trying to do.

73 de Jeff

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