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Re: Since when is listing all the directories in an install mandatory?

Christian Goetze wrote:
> I guess I have to write  a workaround where %pre runs mkdir -p on  all 
> directories I will need.
> > Um, you shouldn't need to solve the problem in %pre, but I can't  
> > really tell what you are trying to do.
> Well, I ended up putting %dir entries in the file list for everything, 
> and that seems to cure it - for now...  since I already substituted my 
> own %verify script and turned off all the rpm verifications I know how of...

Let me guess at your problem.  And this is really a guess probably not
in any way close to the real issue but I can't resist.  Are you
creating new directories with these rpms but those directories would
not otherwise be created by anything and not otherwise owned by any
rpm package?  Doesn't newish rpm create an implicit require on a
package to own the parent directory?  By adding %dir you are now
explicitly owning the directory itself.  Its parent is probably
already owned and so everything works.

Personally I can't think of a packaging where I am using %dir because
in the buildroot I want it to package up all of the files in the
directory too.  The %dir while useful for exactly that does not to me
seem something to be seen in every specfile because mostly you would
want both the directory and the contents of the directory.  So
probably your case would also be solved by packaging the directory and
the contents all at one line.

Just a wild guess...


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