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Re: Since when is listing of directories mandatory

On Aug 29, 2006, at 12:54 AM, Christian Goetze wrote:

The best (and pretty difficult) fix is to write policy for the (home)
directory tree that you are trying to relocate into.

I guess I will need to learn how to do that - especially since our company
wishes to appear as if adhering to all conceivable security thingies -
hmmm... whatever :)

There are actually 2 problems that need to be solved:
1) detecting and creating "orphan" directories when relocated w --relocate
    2) attaching policy to set file contexts for the relocated paths.

I have another dim memory of a bug fix for a lsetfilecon failure for relocated directories
in rpm-4.4.6.

The problem surfaced in March, and is part of the justification for having all files depend
on their parent directory to avoid relocating orphan directory paths.

You can try reporting the bug against RHEL if you want the problem fixed, that might work.

Otherwise, I'd suggest using --root (which will require root access because of chroot(2)) to install rather than trying to use --relocate as you are doing, that is very likely to Just Work.

Adding all the directories to the package (as you have found) works too, because that
eliminates orphan directories that need to be relocated.

73 de Jeff

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