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Hi all,

I came across a very neat approach used by the debian people when
building packages, and given the difficulties that can arise when
writing "%files" sections in RPMs, I thought I would ask the list: is
'fakeroot' available with the RPM system, and would it be of use in
building RPMs?

Perhaps fakeroot's trickery can't be supported on Fedora/Redhat systems
for some reason. I'd like to know if/why.

I quote from the RPM HOW-TO from www.rpm.org:

>     6.8. Files
> This is the section where you /must/ list the files for the binary
> package. RPM has no way to know what binaries get installed as a
> result of *make install*. There is /NO/ way to do this. Some have
> suggested doing a *find* before and after the package install. With a
> multiuser system, this is unacceptable as other files may be created
> during a package building process that have nothing to do with the
> package itself.

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