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install rpm within an rpm...continued


I would like to install an rpm from within another rpm.  

After some searching, I found information in the following thread:

"install rpm within an rpm package pre or post install?"

Jeff Johnson wrote:

> Even then it's caveat emptor, I believe I'm the only one who has tried
> to do what I call "package bundles", i.e. executing rpm -Uvh in %post
> and rpm -evh in %preun for some manifest of *.rpm's within a package
> bundle.

When I add the rpm install in %post and attempt to install I get the
following error:

warning: waiting for transaction lock
error: can't create transaction lock

One way to avoid this is by executing "rm /var/lock/rpm/transaction" in
%post prior to installing the rpm.  However, removing the transaction
lock was not discussed in the thread I mentioned, and seems like a bad

Is this an acceptable method? 
Is there a better way to solve this problem?


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