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Re: Building rpms with make

Richard Siddall skrev, on 19-12-2007 17:51:

What on earth is wrong with Cervisia, standard Gnome CVS frontend, which is what I use on all FCs?

You still have to gen up on CVS, notwithstanding, but once done, Cervisia is still the front end you'll need to use in Gnome.

Well, I never mentioned CVS, or SVN. Or Gnome. Or Fedora. I just want to build a set of RPMs for various distros as painlessly and efficiently as possible.

As it happens, I am interested in doing (almost) daily repo updates out of CVS. Although that may change to SVN at some point.

I just took a look at the contents page for the Cervisia manual, and it doesn't mention RPM at all.

No, well it wouldn't, it's for version control. Like it keeps track of changes to *source*. It can also do its stuff in $HOME/rpm/SPECS, for example.

The RPMs happen to be of a mod_perl/HTML::Mason application and all the supporting Perl modules.

Well, this is where I give up on this thread ...



Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl

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