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Re: RPM rollback capability removed from RHEL4?

On 2/1/07, Sandor W. Sklar <ssklar stanford edu> wrote:

I've got a number of RHEL4 systems, built from our organization's
Satellite Server.  I wanted to experiment with the RPM "rollback"
feature, but googling after having problems, I found this
knowledgebase article:


... which states that the "rollback" feature was removed from RPM,
and that users should use the Provisioning entitlement on RHN.

Is it possibly true that Red Hat has removed functionality from the
RPM tool, just so they could push their Provisioning service?  If so,
might there be a fairly straightforward way of "re-enabling" that

I haven't looked at the source code of the regular rhel4 rpm or the
centos4.x rpm (which are the same).   But an easy test would be to
install a package:

  rpm -Uvh --repackage $some_rpm

and then roll it back:

 rpm -Uvh --rollback "10 minutes ago"

If this works the truth of the matter is its only removed from up2date.


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