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Re: %files section of SPEC file

Jos Vos skrev, on 23-07-2007 20:16:

Yes. That's exactly what buildroot is for. Put this line or something
similar in your spec file:

 BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-root-%(%{__id_u} -n)

Yes, and don't "%define buildroot", as was in your sample code, which
I've never seen used and I don't know what side effects it has, and
don't use some buildroot path below /usr/src/redhat or so, that's the
wrong usage, it should be a tmp path.

Apart from which, there's some sodding good documentation out there, including maximum.rpm (http://www.rpm.org/max-rpm/), Fedora (http://docs.fedoraproject.org/drafts/rpm-guide-en/index.html) and Gurulabs (www.gurulabs.com/GURULABS-RPM-LAB/GURULABS-RPM-GUIDE-v1.0.PDF) for those with any nouse at all. Not only did I find all those for myself, but I absolutely hate asking others for help with tying my own bootlaces when I can do it myself (learned as a kiddie before kindergarten).

I use swish-e to index a hotchpotch of maximum and Fedora so's I can look up on words. When I'm feeling particularly stupid, I call up acrobat reader and Gurulabs to read, once again, what's on page 20.

Notwithstanding, I've had some hand-holding from Bob the cyclist and pilot and Jeff on this list, for which I'll ever be grateful.

Any body seeking (obviously as root) to build in /usr/src should be chastised and the errors of his ways plainly pointed out.


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl

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