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Issues when updating running apps?

Hello all,

I have a very basic question I hope someone can help me with.

I'm not sure on how to package an application so that updating it while it's running won't cause any problems. For instance, I'm packaging a quite typical java app that has a swing GUI and stores its data in a database. In the event of an update requiring modifications to the database schema I had thought of including these in the %pre or %post sections, but I assume this could lead to the app breaking to pieces if the old version is running when the changes meant for the newer version are made. A similar problem could occur if I update some jar and the running app happens to load some classes from it that won't work properly with the older version. Am I making any sense with this?

How can I get around these issues? are there other I should look out for that I'm not considering?

I'd highly appreciate any advice/tips/links you could give me.



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