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Re: BIND not caching, or not responding under load

On 2001-06-26, Neil Bird wrote:

>  The thing that 'worried' me the most was that something
>(netscape/bind) was "forgetting", say, www.google.com's IP
>address. I thought both netscape *and* bind cached entries, so I
>can't see, even if the modem's under heavy use, why either would
>report a 'not found' after having once found it not 1 minute or
>so ago.

Does this happen often or rarely?

I think with a local caching name server the real reason is not that
the modem is busy, but that Netscape is busy and is a little bit
confused on what error message to print. Try another browser:
Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror. You'll probably notice that no network
programs other than Netscape fail on DNS queries even though the
connection is used a lot. You can create a dump of BIND's current
cache (send signal -HUP or use rndc) and see in /var/named/
whether Google's IP is still cached.

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