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[Sectool-list] a sectool article

just found this[1] article about sectool..it's based on sectool 8.5 (the most 
current at the time of writing). The guy pretty much likes sectool besides 
one point (and I think he makes a fair point)..some tests threw a lot of 
warnings at him and he didn't know how to get rid of them or what they really 
mean..and those particular tests didn't have many hints..

So..my question is..should we fine-tune sectool's hints and info to provide 
more guidelines? A way to display our on-line help for tests directly in the 
tool? Or shall we leave it like it is, so the less technical users don't 
screw their system based on our hints?  What do you guys think? :)

(The 'too many messages' problem would partially go away in 0.9 with 
the 'limit' feature, so I'm just talking about people being confused with 
what warnings mean..)



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