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[sos-devel] sosreport Upstream repository has moved to github.com

The official upstream repository for sosreport has been relocated to github.com. The main reason for the move is that github.com offers a superior tool set. You can find the project page here: https://github.com/sosreport/sosreport. There are several ways you can clone the repository as well:

for read-only access:

for read/write access:
https://yourname github com/sosreport/sosreport.git
git github com:sosreport/sosreport.git

If you have a github.com account or don't mind creating one you can use their fork tool to make a clone and work with it in a more public manner. Github.com offers a pull request system for submitting changes. This essentially provides us with a method of performing a public code review before accepting a change. A github.com account is required for this service.

We will still be accepting patches from the mailing list as before so there is no need to create a github.com account if you want to contribute.

Issue tracking has been moved to github.com as well. If you wish to report an issue please use the issue tracker at: https://github.com/sosreport/sosreport/issues rather than the bugzilla tracker.


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