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[Spacewalk-announce-list] Spacewalk 2.3 has been released

Hello everyone,

We are proudly announcing release of Spacewalk 2.3, a systems management

The download locations are

​  http://yum.spacewalkproject.org/2.3/RHEL/6/http://yum.spacewalkproject.org/2.3/RHEL/7/http://yum.spacewalkproject.org/2.3/Fedora/20/http://yum.spacewalkproject.org/2.3/Fedora/21/

with client repositories under

​  http://yum.spacewalkproject.org/2.3-client/RHEL/5/http://yum.spacewalkproject.org/2.3-client/RHEL/6/http://yum.spacewalkproject.org/2.3-client/RHEL/7/http://yum.spacewalkproject.org/2.3-client/Fedora/20/http://yum.spacewalkproject.org/2.3-client/Fedora/21/

SUSE Linux client packages can be found here

​  http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/systemsmanagement:/spacewalk:/2.3/openSUSE_13.1/http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/systemsmanagement:/spacewalk:/2.3/openSUSE_13.2/http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/systemsmanagement:/spacewalk:/2.3/openSUSE_Tumbleweed/http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/systemsmanagement:/spacewalk:/2.3/SLE_12/http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/systemsmanagement:/spacewalk:/2.3/SLE_11_SP3/

For fresh installations, please use steps from

​  https://fedorahosted.org/spacewalk/wiki/HowToInstall

If you plan to upgrade from older release, search no more -- the following
page will guide you:


Features & Enhancements in Spacewalk 2.3

  * Spacewalk now supported on RHEL7/CentOS7/Fedora21
  * Spacewalk supports Fedora21 clients
  * Addition of spacewalk-setup-ipa-authentication to make the external 
    authentication setup easier.
    * https://fedorahosted.org/spacewalk/wiki/SpacewalkAndIPA
  * Improved Proxy caching of yum meta-data with addition of 
    If-Modified-Since header support
  * Community contribution to support for using external Oracle 12c.
    (Please note that this is provided as-is and not tested by the core team.)
  * Continued UI polish and improvements, including standardizing on
  * Improved and simplified codebase by:
    * Removing all Monitoring-related code
    * Removing all Solaris support
    * Completing the port of the web-UI from Perl to Java
    * Cleaning up and removing large chunks of orphaned code
  * Plenty of small enhancements and fixes
    * spacecmd enhancements:
      * softwarechannel_errata
      * configchannel_sync
      * softwarechannel_sync
      * softwarechannel_removesyncschedule
    * spacewalk-clone-by-date enhancements:
      * added a --dry-run option
      * improved dependency resolution (see 
        https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1123468 )
      * removed asynchronous background cloning - it conflicts (badly)
        with dependency resolution, see
    * spacewalk-reports additions:
      * config-files
      * config-files-latest
      * additional data to scap-scan report
    * Added support for xz-compressed repositories
    * Added Korea to list of timezones
    * aarch64 support
  * New API calls:
  * Removed API calls:

The up-to-date API documentation can be found at 



Our thanks go to the community members who contributed to this release:

  Anastasios Papaioannou
  Aron Parsons
  Avi Miller
  Bo Maryniuk
  Cynthia Sanchez
  David Holland
  Dimitar Yordanov
  Duncan Mac-Vicar P
  Flavio Castelli
  Gregor Gruener
  Ian Forde
  Jan Hutar
  Jan Pazdziora
  Jiri Mikulka
  Joerg Steffens
  Johannes Renner
  Kilian Petsch
  Lasse Palm
  Lukas Pramuk
  Marcelo Moreira de Mello
  Martin Seidl
  Mathieu Bridon
  Michael Calmer
  Michael Mraka
  Micha Lenk
  Milan Zazrivec
  Miroslav Suchý
  Neha Rawat
  Patrick Hurrelmann
  Paul Wayper
  Pavel Studenik
  Peter Gervase
  Robert Moser II
  Satoru SATOH
  Shannon Hughes
  Silvio Moioli
  Tasos Papaioannou
  Tim Speetjens
  Tobias D. Oestreicher


Some statistics

In Spacewalk 2.3, we've seen

  220 bugs fixed
  1247 changesets committed
  1878 commits done

Github repo for commits since Spacewalk 2.2


Spacewalk 2.3 on RHEL 5 (CentOS 5)

With the addition of installation-support on RHEL7/CentOS7, Spacewalk is 
now no longer supported running on RHEL5/CentOS5

Solaris and Monitoring Support - Removal Notice

The Spacewalk team has dropped code for Solaris clients and the Monitoring 
component of Spacewalk. Anyone currently using either of these capabilities
will need to consider alternatives for their needs prior to upgrading to 2.3.

User community, reporting issues

To reach the user community with questions and ideas, please use mailing list
spacewalk-list redhat com . On this list, you can of course also discuss issues you
might find when installing or using Spacewalk, but please do not be 
surprised if we ask you to file a bug at ​


with more details or full logs.

Thank you for using Spacewalk.
Grant Gainey
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat Satellite

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