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[Spacewalk-announce-list] Spacewalk 2.4 has been released

Hello everyone,

We are proudly announcing release of Spacewalk 2.4, a systems management solution.

The download locations are


with client repositories under


SUSE Linux client packages can be found here


For fresh installations, please use steps from


If you plan to upgrade from older release, search no more -- the following page will guide you:


Features & Enhancements in Spacewalk 2.4

  * Spacewalk now supported on Fedora 22
  * Spacewalk supports Fedora 22 clients
     *  New package - dnf-plugin-spacewalk 
  * Organization-specific configuration moved to Organization Admin menu
     *  Satellite admins can allow/disallow Organization admins to manage this configuration 
  * Passwords are not sent to user in clear text anymore
     *  ​https://fedorahosted.org/spacewalk/wiki/Features/ResetPassword 
  * Continued UI polish and improvements, including standardizing on ​Patternfly
  * Plenty of small enhancements and fixes
     *  Added support for Catalan and Portuguese translations from Zanata project
     *  Fedora and RHEL/CentOS 7 Cobbler provisioning fixes
     *  Removed checksum type None for software channels
     *  Fixed system.listUngroupedSystems API call
     *  Repository sync page improved to show more details about last sync
     *  Repository sync option for syncing latest packages only added
     *  Osa ping API calls added
     *  Added compliancy indicator icon on Scap results list page 
  * New API calls:

The up-to-date API documentation can be found at



Our thanks go to the community members who contributed to this release:

    Amar Huchchanavar
    Anastasios Papaioannou
    Aron Parsons
    Avi Miller
    David Holland
    David Hrbáč
    Duncan Mac-Vicar P
    Frantisek Kobzik
    Hubert Mantel
    Jared Greenwald
    Johannes Renner
    Kevin Walter
    Marcelo Moreira de Mello
    Martin Seidl
    Matej Kollar
    Michael Calmer
    Michael Kromer
    Michael Mattioli
    Michael Mraka
    Miroslav Suchý
    Patrick Hurrelmann
    Paul Wayper
    Pavel Studenik
    Shannon Hughes
    Silvio Moioli
    Stephen Herr
    Šimon Lukašík
    Tasos Papaioannou
    Thomas Mueller 


Some statistics

In Spacewalk 2.4, we've seen

    59 bugs fixed
    428 changesets committed
    705 commits done 

Github repo for commits since Spacewalk 2.3


User community, reporting issues

To reach the user community with questions and ideas, please use mailing list spacewalk-list at redhat.com . On this list, you can of course also discuss issues you might find when installing or using Spacewalk, but please do not be surprised if we ask you to file a bug at:

​    https://bugzilla.redhat.com/enter_bug.cgi?product=Spacewalk

with more details or full logs.

Thank you for using Spacewalk. 

Jan Dobes
Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

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