[Spacewalk-devel] Reason why we should use dist-5E-sw-0.4

Jan Pazdziora jpazdziora at redhat.com
Wed Nov 26 07:22:31 EST 2008

On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 11:56:36AM +0100, Miroslav Suchý wrote:
> Right now we build into tag dist-5E-sw-0.4-candidate. When I have been  
> working on that nightly repo I find one good reason why we should use  
> tag dist-5E-sw-0.4 and only successful builds tagged there from  
> dist-5E-sw-0.4-candidate. The reason are nightly builds.

If the build is not successful, you don't have any build to tag.

> Now the package get into nightly repo only if you tagged that package in  
> git.

I'd consider it a feature. The developer should tag the package when
he/she feels it is reasonably stable to be built into -candidate.
There is however nothing wrong with the developer pushing their work
to the public repo (for others to see and work on), even if the thing
is not yet stable enough to be usable.

>	If you do not tagged it there we have two possibility how to build  
> the package.
> 1) Automatically tag the package in git and current script will then  
> automatically pick it up for rebuild.
> Honestly - I do not like such option.

-1 (or +1 to your dislike).

> 2) Create tag dist-5E-sw-0.4. Normally build into  

But we have that tag now.

> dist-5E-sw-0.4-candidate as now and unsuccessful builds tag into  
> dist-5E-sw-0.4.


>		Final Spacewalk create from dist-5E-sw-0.4 tag.
> For nightly builds, let call "make test-srpm" on untagged packages and  
> build in koji the packages with .git.longsha1 dist tag.
> This way you make sure when somebody finally tag the package (which bump  
> up the version automatically) such package will be upgraded to last 
> version.

Why do you want to build packages from state when they were not tagged
(= signed off by developer)? Just wait for the developer to make


> 3) OK. There is third option. To build .git.longsha1 packages in  
> dist-5E-sw-0.4-candidate and not creating dist-5E-sw-0.4. But it will  
> create only mess. I'm scratching such option.


> How do you like it? Or do you have another idea how to implement nightly  
> builds?

I feel that the setup we have now, when you build any newly tagged
package releases to -candidate, is the best way to go, for nightly
build purposes.

We could certainly use "weekly" snapshots which would be tagged into
dist-5E-sw-0.4 and which would contain a set of rpms that were
verified to at least install, configure, and run. So that if someone
needs a bleeding edge Spacewalk for further testing or development,
they could pick that one.

But I do not think that building from untagged commits (those
.git.longsha1 created by make test-srpm) is necessary, nor useful.

Jan Pazdziora
Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

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