[Spacewalk-devel] Re: to and cc peeve :)

Dennis Gilmore dennis at ausil.us
Thu Oct 23 11:23:58 EDT 2008

On Thursday 23 October 2008 09:48:37 am Jesus M. Rodriguez wrote:
> > I am going to ask you again. do not put me in the To or CC or BCC of
> > email to mailing lists.
> Why does that annoy you so much? I don't think folks understand it
> and have noticed you repeatedly asking about it. /me just curious
> jesus
for one it messes up my filters.  since mailman doesn't send me a copy if i'm 
on the to, or CC list.  which then puts messages out of context.  I personally 
find it rude and overly aggressive and offensive.  none of the fedora lists 
operate that way,  people just reply to list.  If it was normal behaviour that 
im used i guess it wouldn't bother me.  but it not the normal behaviour.

I guess in a way since its not the expected behaviour it makes me feel like 
you think i'm not doing a good enough job if you have to resort to CC'ing me 
on email that I would have got and read anyway.

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