[Spacewalk-devel] Re: java/code java/spacewalk-java.spec

Partha Aji paji at redhat.com
Mon Apr 20 20:47:19 EDT 2009

Thanks for the suggestions

1) "I imagine this could have been unit tested a bit more than zero.
" -> Added some unit tests. Thanks for pushing on it :)
2) "
can you explain to me the purpose of this if block? " -> If block was 
not necessary .. You are right ... Removed it..

3) ""
all the above should be pulled out of this 'bean' and put into a
Manager or a Command of some sort. "" -> Well I don't want to expose too 
many features in the domain model to the outside world.. If I have to 
implement this in a Manager layer I;'d have to do almost like a hierarchy
ReadOnlySnippet extends BaseSnippet
EditableSnippet extends BaseSnippet
and add a Manager there to do all the validation and other magic.. It 
seemed like too much work at that point.. Will look into this more 

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