[Spacewalk-devel] 0.5 State of the Union

Devan Goodwin dgoodwin at redhat.com
Wed Mar 25 12:00:37 EDT 2009

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dgilmore fixed up our jabber configs to work on 2.2 yesterday, so
updated spacewalk-config and spacewalk-setup packages correct this, but
you probably need to be on a fresh system before it will work. (i.e.
not a system where you tried and failed to setup spacewalk, not sure
why but Dennis can probably clarify)

Issue found and fixed this morning with regexps in ssl.conf that was
causing httpd to refuse to start, Milan fixed up and rebuilt

spacewalk-backend also rebuilt this morning to pickup the rhnpush fix
jbowes submitted. 

These should all be appearing in the devel repo soon, I think we
updated it 4x daily.

On Fedora 10 I see two issues,

spacewalk-setup still hangs at the end restarting services. Everything
seems to be up and running fine including jabberd, I think the problem
is jabberd printing something to stdout/stderr that's messing with the
way we intercept output and log it to rhn-installation.log. If you
switch to another terminal and run service jabberd restart,
spacewalk-setup immediately picks back up and completes. If you trace
this down I believe you land in Setup.pm sub system_debug:

      while (<PROCESS_OUT>) {
          print LOGFILE $_;
      waitpid($pid, 0);

IIRC you never get past the waidpid. It is noteworthy that everything
is up and running at this point, spacewalk-setup just doesn't realize

There's also a lesser problem causing these lines to be printed during

Use of uninitialized value $uid in chown
at /usr/bin/rhn-generate-pem.pl line 74.
Use of uninitialized value $gid in chown
at /usr/bin/rhn-generate-pem.pl line 74.

This is because we try to change permissions on a file to be owned by
the jabberd user, which doesn't exist at least on F10, it's now just
the "jabber" user.


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