[Spacewalk-devel] Spacewalk and a local repository

Jonathan Downward J.J.Downward at dundee.ac.uk
Thu Nov 18 12:03:01 EST 2010

Hi All,
I've trawled the net for an answer but can't seem to get what I need. If this is the incorrect place for this type of question I apologies.
I'm trying to setup a spacewalk deployment that also presents a local repository. I'd like spacewalk to pull down the rpms and then make them available to all Centos machines in our enterprise via an http://server/type/channel model. At present we have a repository based on mrepo. What I see is having spacewalk house a single copy of all rpms and organising them by variant,architecture and channel. Is this possible and it so can someone post a set on instructions. Most of the info I've hit so far still uses an external source or doesn't suggest how to use a local repo.
Reference's I've hit so far are:
and sundry others which effectively say the same thing.
We're running Spacewalk 1.1 on Centos 5.5.



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