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[Spacewalk-devel] Question : spacecmd softwarechannel_adderrata - cloneErrataAsOriginal

Hi All,

I'm currently trying to fix a problem with spacemd
softwarechannel_adderrata, and need some help understanding the correct
way to handle this using the latest API calls:

Currently, if you try to add errata from a RHEL5 base channel into a
clone channel, and the errata contains both EL5 and EL6 packages, you
end up with EL6 packages in the EL5 clone channel (same happens if you
publish the errata).  

I think this is essentially never what you want, and AFAICT this should
be worked-around by using the cloneErrataAsOriginal API call.

However the current logic is spacecmd is this:

1 - Get list of packages in the errata
2 - do a channel.software.mergeErrata, or clone each errata using
errata.clone for older API versions
3 - Add the packages found in (1) to the destination channel

I think all of these steps can essentially be replaced by a call to
cloneErrataAsOriginal - is this correct?

Aron - can you also confirm if you are happy for the default behaviour
of softwarechannel_adderrata to switch to using cloneErrataAsOriginal
(for API versions which support it)?

I'm proposing to "fix" the softwarechannel_adderrata command, so that it
uses cloneErrataAsOriginal, then leave the errata_publish option as it
is, as the publishErrataAsOriginal call seems to require a clone errata
anyway, and I guess it may be useful to have the capability to do a
"raw" publish in some circumstances.

Any thoughts or information much appreciated!


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