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Re: [Spacewalk-devel] Deployment of images built with SUSE Studio

On 15.5.2012 11:39, Johannes Renner wrote:
Hi Miroslav,

attached please find a new version of our patches. We considered most of your advices,
see my comments below and the patches itself, of course.

I spent just 10 minutes on preliminary review. Please give me few days for complete review.
However I have few question, see inline:

We normalized the credentials type, see patch 0001. The image type is not passed as a
parameter to the deployment action anymore, so we currently do not need another table.

Looks good to me.

The Python code was revised by Uwe, see patch 0002 and 0003.

print filePath
^^ This probably omitted from some debugging.

+    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1438261396065921002L;
I do not see it used anywhere in code. Does it have some sense?

Per convention/best practice, serializable classes usually define a serial version UID.
I usually generate it, otherwise my IDE prints a warning. It can be discussed though if it
makes sense, since these IDs actually need to be maintained over time. That means, if the
code of a class changes somehow, a new UID needs to be generated. Otherwise, objects of the
'old' type will be assumed to be compatible with the 'new' class when deserializing. The
problem is that most developers do not maintain their serial version UIDs, and in this
case the whole mechanism makes no sense anymore. But personally, I try to maintain them ;-)

Aha, did not know that. I'm not fluent in Java. Seems legit then.

+Requires: susestudio-java-client

This will require susestudio-java-client rpm? It is not present in neither in Fedora nor in jpackage.
Can I take:

or you have some recent spec?


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