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Re: [Spacewalk-devel] Twitter Bootstrap: Standardizing the CSS framework?

> Well, if we apply it, we will need to fix everything otherwise we
> will
> not be able to release ourselves. What I am not sure is how clean the
> initial commit to master can be, as there will be always stuff that
> will
> need fixing and lot of eyes stabilizing it.

Well, if we need to make any change in downstream, we first make the changes
in Spacewalk and after the feature/bug fix looks good, we can take it over
to downstream. Regarding new stuff, upstream is for us the primary focus,
because we know that every Spacewalk flaw makes it to our downstream product
as well.
Your work flow seems to be the other way around. You'd like to work on the
downstream and then to get some parts back to upstream. This is generally
another approach.

> We have a bunch of perl pages already ported to Java as part of a
> feature we are doing, but I guess there is still more Perl around.

So, if you have a different number of ported perl pages than
the upstream, how can the final patch be applicable for upstream?

How can we be sure, that you cover all the Spacewalk pages, if you focus
on downstream, that has a different set of pages?
If the sent patch was against Suse Manager, I suppose that you do not
really work with Spacewalk itself.
So, are you going to verify the upcoming work only on Suse Manager
or on Spacewalk as well?

> Another possible workaround would be to use LESS features to auto-fix
> incomplete ports. We can have a compat.css with the original styles
> defined using LESS mixins.

Yes, this sounds like a workaround, not like a nice complete work.

Tomas Lestach
Red Hat Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

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