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Re: [Spacewalk-devel] Twitter Bootstrap: Standardizing the CSS framework?

Duncan Mac-Vicar P. wrote:
% The patch is against SUSE Manager, as I mentioned it is a quick port of
% the basics. I sent it mostly so that you get an idea of what is touched.
% I will try to make a patch against master if you really want to "see" it.
% > Btw. do you plan to apply the bootstrap framework to perl pages as they are?
% Well, if we apply it, we will need to fix everything otherwise we will
% not be able to release ourselves. What I am not sure is how clean the
% initial commit to master can be, as there will be always stuff that will
% need fixing and lot of eyes stabilizing it.
% We have a bunch of perl pages already ported to Java as part of a
% feature we are doing, but I guess there is still more Perl around.

That's great, I'd really love to see them in Spacewalk.
Please send patches to us.

% Another possible workaround would be to use LESS features to auto-fix
% incomplete ports. We can have a compat.css with the original styles
% defined using LESS mixins.


Michael Mráka
Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

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