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[Spacewalk-devel] Spacewalk wiki has a new home!

Hey folks,

The Spacewalk wiki has been hosted at


since the project began. However, time and infrastructure needs march ever on, and fedorahosted.org is going to be retired (as in, turned off) at the end of February. (You can read about it here - https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedorahosted-sunset-2017-02-28/ )

Rather than add to Spacewalk's support-infrastructure, we've migrated the wiki from the Trac instance at fedorahosted, to the Wiki-tab in Spacewalk's Github project:


This seemed to make the most sense - github is where the Spacewalk code repository moved in 2013, and this puts the project's documentation back next to its code again. 

Along the way, we needed to migrate from Trac-Markup, to Github's Markdown-Markup. There were A LOT of pages to migrate, and we wanted to preserve history and authorship as much as possible, so we wrote a tool[1] to automate a big chunk of the changes. Transforming wiki markup from one (ambiguous, exception-driven) format to another, is...exciting. There is plenty of cleanup work to do, to make everything pretty - but what we have is in reasonable shape, and definitely usable. (Except for tables - a number of those were actually broken in Trac, in ways that resulted in...some ugly pages post-transform. Fun!)

I have marked a few of the top-level pages in Trac with a gigantic DEPRECATED banner, with pointers to our new home. Please update any bookmarks you have - Fedora Infrastructure will redirect the top-level URL to the new location for some time after fedorahosted.org is turned off, but that won't last forever.

Next steps include figuring out the process for taking bugs (PRs?) against the wiki. Github assumes that the wiki will be edited in-place, just as we do with Trac today. If we can figure out a reasonable way to take PRs against it, it'll make it easier for the community to contribute, without opening the wiki up to link-spam and driveby vandalism (which does happen, by the way - it's the reason the Trac pages were locked down last year)

At any rate - take the new wiki out for a drive, let us know what you think.

Have a good weekend,


[1] you can find the migration tool here: https://github.com/ggainey/tracwiki2githubwiki

Grant Gainey
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat Satellite

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