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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Feature suggestion: refer to external repositories

Covil, K (Kim) wrote:
I think it would be really useful if Spacewalk could refer to external repositories rather than have to maintain a copy of all RPMs itself. It could retrieve repository headers in the same way yum does, and when you select to install a package on a subscribed system, the system could be given the external repository URL to download from. A further enhancement to this would allow an internal web proxy url to be specified to allow squid or such like to provide local caching for a network. This would move Spacewalk more to managing systems and what packages they have installed than managing the actual packages themselves. It would also dramatically cut down the local storage requirements.

To put it in Spacewalk terms:

Create a channel that gets its content from somewhere else. Any requests for content from that channel get proxied to the real source.

This is a good idea, something we have discussed internally but haven't gone anywhere with.

Mike McCune
mmccune AT redhat.com
Engineering               | Portland, OR
RHN Satellite             | 650.567.9039x79248

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