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[Spacewalk-list] Spacewalk 0.2 available

Fellow Spacewalk users,

The Spacewalk team is proud to announce the release of Spacewalk 0.2.
In a few hours, the repos will be accessible and you can install 0.2
and try it out.

Features & Enhancements

* new APIs, primarily in the kickstart. namespace
* an enhanced errata search
* fully support multiple distributions within a single org:
  Red Hat Enterprice Linux, Fedora, CentOS
* more perl to java migrations (mostly in the Channel management area)
* re-spun all packages in a new koji build system
* new versioned repos, the idea is to keep the current and the
  previous releases available, see the wiki for the new locations:


Bugs fixed

* Fixed 500 error when creating custom channels
* Fixed some x86_64 Oracle errors with oracle-lib-compat package
* Fixed IllegalStateException (StopWatch error) while accessing API
* 38 total bugs fixed since 0.1 - http://tinyurl.com/6aqqpk

Known issues
* upgrading from 0.1 to 0.2 will be available soon
* monitoring is borked in 0.2 release
* Spacewalk running on Fedora moved to 0.3


* Kudos to Rob James, Steve Milner, and particularly, Colin Coe for their
  contributions to this release -

jesus m. rodriguez        | jesusr redhat com
sr. software engineer     | irc: zeus
rhn satellite & spacewalk | 919.754.4413 (w)
rhce # 805008586930012    | 919.623.0080 (c)
|  "Those who cannot learn from history     |
|   are doomed to repeat it."               |
|                       -- George Santayana |

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