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[Spacewalk-list] no cache rebuild after cleanup from /var/cache/rhn


I have stopped spacewalk and removed everthing from /var/cache/rhn.
After restart from spacewalk 0.5 there is no rebuild of the cache.

From the cent5 clients i get by yum check-update:

Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml)

The only errors i can found in the log's are from osad/jabberd:

2009/04/08 23:37:52 +02:00 17861 osad/jabber_lib.__init__
2009/04/08 23:37:52 +02:00 17861 osad/ jabber_lib.print_message('socket error',) 2009/04/08 23:37:52 +02:00 17861 osad/ jabber_lib.print_message('Could not connect to jabber server', 'spacewalk2.dom.local') 2009/04/08 23:37:52 +02:00 17861 osad/ jabber_lib.setup_connection('Could not connect to any jabber server',) 2009/04/08 23:37:52 +02:00 17861 osad/jabber_lib.main('Unable to connect to jabber servers, sleeping 10 seconds',)

[root spacewalk2 log]# grep cache /etc/rhn/rhn.conf
repomd_cache_mount_point = /var/cache

What can i do?


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