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[Spacewalk-list] Spacewalk 0.5, CentOS 5.3, cobbler+kickstart: "Unable to read metadata"


I've setup Spacewalk 0.5 on CentOS 5.3. After having run into several bugs and reading the mailinglist, I've stalled on solving the following:

- After a client has updated it's packages, it still reports that it requires updates. I read that this would be solved in a future update to spacewalk-backend and spacewalk-java. I have however found no later package than that of the 13th of april.

- cobbler+kickstart don't work when installing from bare metal. I've setup a channel, a distro using that channel and a kickstart file using both. To create the channel I downloaded all the packages from the centos base repository. Because this doesn't include the pxe vmlinuz and initrd.img files, I copied them from CD and pointed spacewalk to those files (when creating the distro? I can't remember).

Anyhow, after the installer boots and anaconda starts, I get the following error "Unable to read metadata. This may be due to a missing repodata directory................. can't find repository: anaconda-......."

So I'm missing the repodata directory. That's right, I just downloaded the packages. So I createrepo-ed the directory containing the RPMs, but to no avail.

Any idea what's going wrong here?


William Leese

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