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[Spacewalk-list] OpenVZ support

Hi all,

Whether ever support OpenVZ Containers support in Spacewalk, as
Virtualization with Xen and KVM?
Hardware Virtualization is very good, but, some times, in some system,
wiser use containers virtualization, becouse it does'nt have overhead
as KVM or Xen.
OpenVZ is free (GPL) containers enterpise-class virtualization system,
now supported by libvirt (as Xen and KVM).

In production, OpenVZ installed on CentOS/Fedora/RHEL systems vith yum repo:


For full support, i think, need provide template support:


It's tarboll with base system files of new container, but, fore put
support, need provide vzctl support or some OpenVZ API support with

Sorry fore my bad English....

Best regards,
Galia Lisovskaya.
e-mail: inbox shaggy-cat ru

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