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[Spacewalk-list] Unable to retrieve stage2.img ... but able to retrieve it. Weird.

Hello Astronauts,
We are using Spacewalk release 0.5.  We are Kickstarting our machines from it.  We have created a channel for Kickstarting our RHEL5.3 machines, called "rhel5.3_x86_64_clone".

When we try to Kickstart, it stops with the aforementioned "Unable to retrieve stage2.img" error.  But if we move on without changing anything, it works.  Details follow...

We create an iso file with our initrd.img and ks.cfg in it.  We mount that and boot off of it.  In there, we have specified

url --url

Our Kickstart advances to the point where it says "Unable to retrieve".  (notice the double slash, but I don't think it's a problem).

If I look at console 3, I can see things like

01:02:28 INFO   : transferring to a fd
01:02:31 INFO   : 12296768 kB are available
01:02:31 INFO   : transferring to a fd
01:02:34 INFO   : transferring to a fd

...and there it is stopped.  So I go back to Screen 1, I hit OK, It takes me to the HTTP Setup screen.  I don't change a thing.  I notice that in the "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server directory:" box, the path ends in "...dist/rhel5.3_x86_64_clone".  Regardless, I hit "OK".  Then I switch immediately to console 3 and take a screenshot.

It does a bunch of transfers again, starting with
00:54:53 INFO  : trying to mount CD device scd0
... (then it tries to transfer images/updates.img "to a fd", disc1/images/updates.img, images/product.img, and disc1/images/product.img.  The prefix to all of these is .  Finally, we get to:)
00:54:54 INFO  : 12296768 kB are available
00:54:54 INFO  : transferring to a fd

...and the Kickstart completes successfully.

Notice that that URL is the same as the one above, at 01:02:31.  I don't know why it complained up above.

Now we have a 4-port NIC installed in our machine, and this has made Linux think that our motherboard NIC is at "eth4", but on the network line in our ks.cfg we specify "--device=eth4", and regardless the point that bugs me is I don't change anything but I still need to do that manual step.  How annoying.

Any ideas?  Thanks.
-Mike Schwager

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