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Re: [Spacewalk-list] XmlRpcException calling cobbler

Mike McCune wrote:
Stewart L wrote:
Thanks for the help!

# cobbler check
The following potential problems were detected:
#0: change 'disable' to 'no' in /etc/xinetd.d/tftp
#1: since iptables may be running, ensure 69, 80, 25150, and 25151 are unblocked
#2: fencing tools were not found, and are required to use the
(optional) power management features. install cman to use them

Fixed #0.

The firewall was disabled through system-config-securitylevel, but I
did a '# service iptables stop; chkconfig iptables off'

Fixed #2.

# service cobblerd status
cobblerd (pid 3264 3254 3253) is running...

Did one cobbler sync for good measure  and a cobbler check.
# cobbler check
No setup problems found
Manual review and editing of /var/lib/cobbler/settings is recommended
to tailor cobbler to your particular configuration.
Good luck.

/var/lib/cobbler/settings does not exist in my setup...

misleading message, it is actually /etc/cobbler/settings

I'll take care of this, thanks!

BUT, I got my first system registered!  My spacewalk Server. :)


I STILL had the issue with the  RHN-ORG-TRUSTED-SSL-CERT file.

Where does this file come from?  Do I have to copy it to every machine
I register?

yes, you can go here:

Login -> Admin -> Spacewalk Configuration -> Bootstrap Script:


and hit submit on that page. That will generate a handy 'bootstrap.sh' here:


that can be copied and ran on any server which will download the SSL cert from the spacewalk box and put it in the proper location


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