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RE: [Spacewalk-list] Config File Deployment

I had asked a question similar to this a while back.  Is there a list of all the available macros somewhere and how to use them?


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hi Jason,


have you looked into the macro section of the configuration management? Within satellite at least the following macro's are supported:

·         rhn.system.sid

·         rhn.system.profile_name

·         rhn.system.description

·         rhn.system.hostname

·         rhn.system.ip_address

·         rhn.system.custom_info(key_name)

·         rhn.system.net_interface.ip_address(eth_device)

·         rhn.system.net_interface.netmask(eth_device)

·         rhn.system.net_interface.broadcast(eth_device)

·         rhn.system.net_interface.hardware_address(eth_device)

·         rhn.system.net_interface.driver_module(eth_device)

I don't know which part of the iptable setup that needs to be customized, but I can imagine it would be possible with this.





ps: we have done a lot with custom info in this matter.

2009/7/14 Jason Frisvold <xenophage0 gmail com>

Greetings all,

       I've been working to use the config management portion of spacewalk to its full capacity.  So far it's making life much, MUCH easier.  However, there's one particular configuration I'd like to deploy, but I'm not sure how.  That's the iptables config.  I have huge sections of the config which should be identical across servers, but there's that small percentage of the config that has to be customized.  Unfortunately, I'm not seeing a way anywhere to concatenate multiple iptables configuration files together on the fly, either by iptables or by spacewalk.  Am I missing something somewhere, or will I need to come up with some sort of scripted solution?

Thanks !

Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold
XenoPhage0 gmail com

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