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Re: [Spacewalk-list] NoCobblerTokenException

Yes, cobbler 1.4.3
[~]# rpm -q cobbler

Michael DeHaan wrote:
Mike McCune wrote:
Alexandros Soumplis wrote:
I attach you the files you requested. I do not use cobbler (at least yet!) and i keep the original configuration files as installed by the rpm.

Thank you all for your help, i appreciate it!

hrm, those files look good.  Couple things to check:

* Do you have iptables on

* cobblerd service  running?

* are there any errors in /var/log/cobbler/cobbler.log ?

Also, are you running cobbler 1.4.3?   I believe Justin's well advised fix (in Cobbler's auth module) for taskomatic talking to cobblerd wasn't in until then.


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