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[Spacewalk-list] Feature request - Storage of Remote Commands and hardware detection

I'd like to spark the discussion about storing remote commands with in
Spacewalk along side Configuration files as well as some sort of
hardware detection.

I'd imagine remote commands would be a subset of configuration files
since they could and should be a dependency. 
For example, if my servers are VMware servers. I would need to not only
install VMwareTools rpm, I need to execute VMware-config-tools.pl. After
a kernel upgrade, the VMware-configu-tools.pl would need to be executed
again. As a work around, I plan on storing templated remote commands on

As for hardware detection, one could write more complex and generic ks
scripts. If there could be a way to have the KS script tell Spacewalk a
few details about the server it's installing, we can customize on te fly
a few extra configuration and package channels. 


Jason Czerak

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