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[Spacewalk-list] osad problems


I recently installed Spacewalk 0.6 on a fresh (CentOS 5) system.
I have tried my best to get osad/osa-dispatcher running, but following

gives me the following issues with the server setup:

[root obfuscated-hostname ~]# service osa-dispatcher start
Starting osa-dispatcher: RHN 29331 2009/09/22 13:33:55 +02:00: ('Server
did not return a <features /> stanza',)
                                                           [  OK  ]

Osa-dispatcher is running, but I think that because of the error it does
not work.

I have added (as a test) the spacewalkserver as a managed server to the
spacewalk system.

So I also configured the client as per the guide. This gives me a
similar error:

[root obfuscated-hostname ~]# service osad start
Starting osad: Server did not return a <features /> stanza
                                                           [  OK  ]

/var/log/osad shows:

2009-09-22 13:37:02 jabber_lib.main: Unable to connect to jabber
servers, sleeping 98 seconds

/var/log/rhn/osa-dispatcher.log shows:

2009/09/22 13:38:35 +02:00 29331 osad/jabber_lib.__init__
2009/09/22 13:38:35 +02:00 29331
osad/jabber_lib.connect('ERROR', 'Server did not return a <features />
2009/09/22 13:38:35 +02:00 29331
2009/09/22 13:38:35 +02:00 29331
osad/jabber_lib.print_message('Could not connect to jabber server',
2009/09/22 13:38:35 +02:00 29331
osad/jabber_lib.setup_connection('Could not connect to any jabber
2009/09/22 13:38:35 +02:00 29331 osad/jabber_lib.main('Unable
to connect to jabber servers, sleeping 10 seconds',)

Which leaves me puzzled. Any suggestions are welcome.



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