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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Error connecting to Database

Vishal Patil wrote:
% Hi ,
% I recreated the DB and it worked , but when I try to install spacewalk i get
% the following error
% [root Spacewalk-test ~]# spacewalk-setup --disconnected
% * Setting up Oracle environment.
% * Setting up database.
% ** Database: Setting up database connection.
% DB User? spacewalk
% DB Password?
% DB SID? xe
% DB hostname? localhost
% DB port [1521]?
% DB protocol [TCP]?
% *** Database: Testing database connection.
% Database is using an invalid (non-UTF8) character set: (NLS_CHARACTERSET =
% What does this error means , Can it be changed from some file or I need to
% make changes in Database
% Please suggest on how to proceed with fixing this error


Download the "Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Universal)" 


which is the Multi-byte Unicode/UTF-8 database, not the "Western
European" Single-byte LATIN1 database.


Michael Mráka
Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

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