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[Spacewalk-list] Problem with taskomatic on new 1.0 install

I have just installed 1.0, brand new install. There were some issues where it appears that the install didn’t complete. After the install was done, neither jabber, taskomatic, or osa-dispatcher worked. I was able to get jabber and osa-dispatcher working by finishing the proper configs in files by hand. I’m still stuck on taskomatic.


What is happening is taskomatic is going to which doesn’t exist (it does exist when using https). So, I have basically narrowed the issue down to either one of two problems:

#1 /rpc/api should work on http and my initial setup missed this and I have no idea how to get it working properly


#2 Some config file should be telling taskomatic to use https instead of http (thinking some file should be pointing at a pem file but isn’t…)


Anyone happen to have an idea if the fix is #1 or #2 and hopefully how to do it?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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