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Re: [Spacewalk-list] I dont understand how it should work :-)

Am 28.10.10 13:02, schrieb K.R.:
> hi,
> Götz Reinicke - IT-Koordinator wrote:
>> Hey,
>> some time ago I set up spacewalk 1.0 and added a couple of servers.
>> Today I notices, that there should be some updates for a couple of
>> centos 5 servers.
>> If I do a yum update on that system, those updates show up and are
>> loaded from a centos mirror, not from my spacewalk server.
>> In spacewalk, the server looks up to date (0 Errata, 0 Packages)
>> My questions:
>> Why might those updates dont show up in spacewalk? (may be some sort of
>> sync/connecting/requesting/checkin) is missing?
> try following command on those systems:
> rhn-profile-sync

That works, but do I have to run it by hand? Or can I 'just' make a
cronjob for it.

> or do a pakage-profile resync in spacewalk-gui
> systems > "select system" > Software > Update package List

I don't find that section. After searching around, I found a 'Manage'
button and a link 'Update hardware/package profiles' -> 'Confirm Package
Profiles Refresh' (via System Set Manager)

This works too for updating the list.

>> Why dose my server loads the updates from the internet and not from my
>> spacewalk server?
> did you registered your systems to some channels and disabled the local
> repositories configured by yum?
> see this tutorial for infos(8. Spacewalk Client (simple configuration)
> http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/PackageManagement/Spacewalk#head-bb8001669b4c71dd26aa9f8119732be82cb830c0)
I followed that tutorial and disabled alle local repos, but that did not
work .... I had two Centos.repo files with the option 'enabled=0'

But updates were looked up from that repo to. I renameed the config file
and now only my spacewalk-server is polled.

	thx & regards . Götz
Götz Reinicke

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