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[Spacewalk-list] spacewalk 1.2, Remote action failed

Hi all,

I've just installed spacewalk 1.2 on one of my CentOS 5.5 test box. I've
registered 4 CentOS box systems in this spacewalk to test software channels
and configuration channels.

To do that, I've read the documentation on spacewalk website (HowToInstall
and RegisteringClients).
I have made a configuration channel with 1 test config file, but when I
schedule to deploy this file to managed systems, the action failed with
"Local permission not set for action type configfiles.deploy" several hours
after the action was scheluded.

Before deploying this file, I have executed "touch
/etc/sysconfig/rhn/allowed-actions/configfiles/all" on client system.

SELinux is in permissive mode on spacewalk server and clients.

What did I made wrong ?

Thanks for your replies.




Remote packages update "fails" to, the action is in "pending actions" for
more than 3 hours now and was not executed.

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