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[Spacewalk-list] ISE on SW 1.5 on user management

Hello List,
I've plugged my SW 1.5 installation with PGSQL on a LDAP.
When I create a user with PAM authentication, and then going to Users
--> <ldapUser> --> Systems, I get an ISE.
If I navigate to this page on a non ldap user, I don't get an ISE.
I've attached the catalina.out logs.
Two errors appears:
ERROR com.redhat.rhn.common.db.datasource.CachedStatement - Error
while processing cached statement sql: select * from (
          S.name AS SERVER_NAME,
          (SELECT 1
          FROM rhnServerFeaturesView SFV
         WHERE SFV.server_id = S.id
           AND SFV.label = 'ftr_system_grouping') AS selectable
    FROM  rhnServer S, rhnUserServerPerms USP
   WHERE  USP.user_id = ?
     AND  S.id = USP.server_id
) X
ORDER BY  UPPER(COALESCE(X.server_name, '(none)')), X.id

--> When running it in psql, here is the output : ERROR:
syntax error at or near ")"
LINE 10: ) X

Second error:
Could not find method called: setSelectable in class:
com.redhat.rhn.frontend.dto.VisibleSystems with params: [type:
java.lang.Integer, value: 1]
Indeed, looking at the source code, it is public void
setSelectable(Long selectableIn)

Could you please point me to some clue? I can't find in the source
code where the query is built,  and I don't see what is erroneous in
the query.



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