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[Spacewalk-list] Kickstart error


After the upgrade from Spacewalk 1.2 to 1.3 the kickstart profiles section
is not working anymore:

- When selecting systems->Kickstart->profiles->a-random-profile for
viewing/editing, a spacewalk "Internal Server Error.  The server
experienced a problem which prevented your request from being filled out
........" appears

- When creating a new ks-profile the same error appears when commiting
Step 3: Root Password

- Provisioning with (Spacewalk) kickstart fails with "Unable to download
the kickstart file........." after stage2 boot

updated to latest cobbler ( 2.0.10-1) -> no effect.
ran cobbler sync -> no effect.
removed all templates and let spacewalk build new ones -> Templates are
rebuild (in  Cobbler also) but no effect

- Spacewalk logs in /var/log/rhn: no clues to be seen for this
- cobbler.log: a  "DEBUG | get_items; ['profile'] line appears when
commiting e.g. to view a kickstart profile . Most lines are INFO |  REMOTE
find_items in cobbler.log so maybe a DEBUG line is a sign here?

Any ideas?

Martijn Sprengers

F&L Publishing Group
Administrator Linux Systems

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