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[Spacewalk-list] Provisioning, activation key and child channels

Hi All,

Could someone verify something in Spacewalk 1.2/1.3 please?

Assuming you have:

 - an activation key A which has a base channel C and child channels C1, C2, 
... associated
 - a kickstart profile K which:
   - has activation key A associated with it
   - *does not* have any child channels selected on 'Kickstart 
Details/Operating System' page in kickstart wizard

Could you check if the generated kickstart file has 'repo' lines generated for 
the child channels C1, C2, ...?

I was sure this is what is supposed to happen and I'm almost sure this is what 
used to happen in Spacewalk 1.1, but now the only repo line in my kickstart is 
the one for VT repo (which shouldn't actually even be there as there's no such 
repo).  (BTW, the repo lines are generated if I select those child channels on 
'Kickstart Details/Operating System' page but this same page says these will 
be ignored if used activation key has child channels associated).

Many thanks,

Michael Gliwinski
Henderson Group Information Services
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