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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Remove MOTD

Well no. In Satellite ( i have looked at Satellite 5.4) it is in the POST Section after the User
Post Scripts. I have opend a regular Bug Month ago for Customer Satellite Servers, with no solution
for this problem. The ticket is closed without any solution in the Red hat Ticket system.

At the moment we do a workaround for all Customers, we put just a one time action script in to the
/etc/rc.local of the System, which will do repair the /etc/motd.

I think, the best solution will be, when the /etc/motd generation will be removed from the Spacewalk/Satellite
Code. Customers who will have this line, can add this in the post section. Or make it as an snipplet, so the
Customer can change it.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Best regards

Mario Schugowski
Red Hat Certified Architect

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